From Concept to Completion

It's a wonderful feeling to complete a project.  With the Gordon Ozarks Cabin, after nearly two and a half years of designing, deciding, and building; we finally have a finished product.  Received with great critical acclaim, and winner of two major design awards, this little cabin reminds us why we are in the business of design.  On a shoestring budget, but with every sustainable design strategy we could think of, this project exemplifies our work.  Congratulations to the entire project team (owner, engineers, consultants, builders, and so many more)!

One of our initial concepts, which eventually became the basis for the design.

One of our initial concepts, which eventually became the basis for the design.

The final product, a self-sustaining off-the-grid cabin, with all the conveniences of modern life.

The final product, a self-sustaining off-the-grid cabin, with all the conveniences of modern life.

Introducing our Newest Team Member

Uma is our official office pet.  Registered with the National Greyhound Association before her early retirement at the tender age of two years old, she comes from a long lineage of winning purebred greyhound race dogs.  Her racing career consisted of only ten races at the local Flagler Greyhound Track, where she reached third position in two races.  Her racing prowess is no match for her discerning personality and unparalleled beauty; shy with strangers and comforting to her family, her life evolves around a good homemade meal and a long walk in the neighborhood park.  With a weight of 61 lbs, an elegantly thin body, soft beige colored fur, and endearing brown eyes, she captures the heart of anyone who takes the time to know her.  Lounging around the office, digging large holes in the backyard, and chasing neighboring cats are among her favorite pastimes.  Her work responsibilities include providing stress relief to office members, moral support for long nights at work, and the occasional diversion from difficult design challenges.  With a watchful eye, she also doubles as an alarm system, doorbell, and smoke detector.  Rescued from her former racing career by “Friends of Greyhound”, she has adapted perfectly to our work environment.  Silently supportive, she quietly prowls around the office and stops by for a caress just at the right moments.  At a top racing speed of around 40 mph, she is the definition of a sprinter, running for probably two minutes a day while sleeping for an average of eighteen hours.  Whether racing or sleeping, we consider her one of the most valuable members of our team.


What a Transformation!

At the beginning of the summer we finished the Merceron-Moraes Renovation, which was an extensive remodel of an existing home in The Roads, right next to downtown Miami.  When we finish a project, we often forget how it looked when we started.  This is just an example of how different the before and after can be...  Even though we lived through every minute of the remodel, we still can't believe the transformation. 

Jason's Cabin

After 2 years of design work, Jason's mountain cabin is under construction.  Den will be visiting the finished product, located in the Ozarks Mountains in NW Arkansas, mid October.  We are very excited about this project because it is our very first off-grid home, and is pursuing LEED certification.  A few of the features include super insulated building envelope, passive design in terms of orientation and natural ventilation, and 100% rain water harvesting for domestic use.  Our thanks to Jason and the buddhist community at the Katog Rit'hrod Retreat Center for allowing us to join their family with this project, particularly the master builder: Damian Fitzpatrick.  Congratulations!


Jasons Cabin.jpg